Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunday, 29 January 2012

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Sunday, 12 June 2011

After the summative

Got some really good feedback from the summative on things beyond the enterprise last friday.
Unfortunately Clym was running late so I had to present alone but I showed the assessors some examples of what we had been selling and went into details about finance, promotion, target market and future strategies.

Lorna (one of the assessors) suggested that rather than stick to my usual manga style i should return to my original style (which I've only recently developed, an example of which i had with me in the form of a business card) and gave me the advice about going into illustrating children's products which is actually exactly what I want to do!
I'm going to start emailing Lorna as she said she will try and give me some helpful advice on how to get started, her being in illustrating herself.
The assessors also suggested i try and continue this business just to bring in a little revenue for myself as it doesnt cost too much to maintain and it could be a hit, it is something I will think about over the coming weeks once I am looking for a job, definately :D

So that's the end of E&E for now!

Have sold all my bookmarks, there are only 4 badges left and about ten keyrings which I will still try and sell (probably to friends in my class next week) but have gained some very valuable knowledge and experience from this unit.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

7th June - Selling Day

Right!! We had our selling day yesterday and it went very well, take a look at some of the photos;

Overall the day was a success. Had some initial difficulty setting up the stall but that was it. We sold our items with Steve Pender's Ravensbourne Wristbands business and Emma Wyton and Mariluz Noto's facepainting business. We also had some help from fellow classmates Marios Economides and Laura Haile who drew in customers and sold if we were ever away from the table.

I've also worked out an end statement of the budget for myself;

Have spent £136.79 in total for this.. although the business cards and banner will be useful in any future business plans so I'm not sure if I will count that towards the project here.
As far as the merchandise is solely concerned, I've managed to make a profit. I've also sold £17 worth of things to friends online, just need to wait til the end of the month til that goes through and then I can finish the business :)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Ready to Sell

Our day of production is tomorrow! Everything is completed now, Clym made the badges and I made the keyrings and bookmarks and have notified the college of what we're doing.
I've made a little money off of them already. I took my items to an anime club I go to yesterday and managed to make £20 ^^ I have also taken a few online orders which should amount to another £10 and anything left over tomorrow my Dad says he will take to work with him since there are people interested in buying there.
I hope to make at least £60 over all to break even and cover the cost of making everything..

Will write again then and include photos too :D

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Keyrings Complete!

Thanks to help from my friend and sister I completed my keyrings :D So those are complete and ready to sell, the only thing I'm slightly worried about is that i holepunched a couple of thema litle too close to the edge and am worried they might break easily but apart from that they look good ^^
Now just have to go into college and guilloting the rest of the keyrings and bookmarks and we'll be done! We also need to finish updating the website so people can buy everything online and I can start advertising it on things like my website and deviantART account.