Sunday, 12 June 2011

After the summative

Got some really good feedback from the summative on things beyond the enterprise last friday.
Unfortunately Clym was running late so I had to present alone but I showed the assessors some examples of what we had been selling and went into details about finance, promotion, target market and future strategies.

Lorna (one of the assessors) suggested that rather than stick to my usual manga style i should return to my original style (which I've only recently developed, an example of which i had with me in the form of a business card) and gave me the advice about going into illustrating children's products which is actually exactly what I want to do!
I'm going to start emailing Lorna as she said she will try and give me some helpful advice on how to get started, her being in illustrating herself.
The assessors also suggested i try and continue this business just to bring in a little revenue for myself as it doesnt cost too much to maintain and it could be a hit, it is something I will think about over the coming weeks once I am looking for a job, definately :D

So that's the end of E&E for now!

Have sold all my bookmarks, there are only 4 badges left and about ten keyrings which I will still try and sell (probably to friends in my class next week) but have gained some very valuable knowledge and experience from this unit.

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