Monday, 23 May 2011

evil lamination problems

Okay.. we are having a sliiight setback in that the laminator we were going to use is unavailable.. my friend thought she had one but it turned out she didnt.. so we have to find another method.

I posted on facebook asking if there was a place that sold laminators cheaply and got the suggestion of trying rymans which has this product which looks good.. but then again we are already over budget and £26 is a lot!

Sooooo.. we were thinking of trying stickyback plastic instead, but as Clym and some others have pointed out its quite fiddly and if it goes wrong you cant change it. Here is a video we found demonstrating that;

so we are thinking of a way round that..

in the meantime, clym created an awesome website for us! So people overseas can buy our stuff;
and the paypal place;

minor setbacks but we hope to go ahead with our plan to sell on monday!!
the facebook page is also going well..

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