Friday, 27 May 2011

running into trouble

okaaaayyyy spent £12 or so on printing credits at college to get everything printed but ran into SO MANY problems. Must also remember that Clym has paid me £20 back)

First of all we couldn't get any of the printers to work (was our first time using them this year) so we had to ask the IT guy and he explained about swiping in and putting money on our passes..
then we couldnt get the matt printer to work.. so we had to ask for help again and the problem was because we were trying to print portrait rather than landscape.. seems the bigger printers dont like portrait.
and then the printer ran out of pages and we spent ages trying to work out how to reload it but we had to call the IT guy again. Took 2 hours altogether to get it done!

Next, today I had to get a laminator off of my friend and I won't bore you with the problems there but what should have been a 40minute bus journey climbed to 2 hours... more time wasted!

but anyway, the biggest problem so far has just emerged.
Today I laminated everything - the bookmarks and the keyrings (clym is making the badges) and it was going great.

But the keychains we ordered don't work with the printouts! Basically the hole is too small to let the laminated paper go through..

(keychain on its own)

(and here is what it looks like if we leave it. the keyring has to be attached to the bigger loop as the other hole is too small)

So my sister came up with the idea of cuting off that loose end half of the keychain but the new problem from that is that there is no room between the keychain and the keyring which means the plastic might bend a lot easier and get in the way!
Although it is a solution and this way doesn't look as stupid..
Next time need to remember - buy beaded keychains!!

The only remaining problem is that cutting laminated paper with scissors really hurts my hand.. It's okay for the bookmarks as we're going to use the guillotine at college but I have to cut my keyrings in different shapes!

Can't really afford to spend anymore on this project :(

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