Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Keeping track of spendings..

Thought i'd write down here what I'd spent so I can sort it out with clym and work out if we make any profit later XD

£21.74 - badge maker
£13.98 - 2 badge refill sets..
£6.25 - 100 lamination pouches
£1.50 - practising buying a bookmark from the site

= 43.47
wooooahhh.. really need to make that back haha! i know clym has also spent some money on the keychains so we will need to discuss how to pay this all later XD

I also spent money on business cards and the banner but they are for my own persona use so i don't have to worry about that.. roughly that amounts to £60 though >< (350 business cards, plus holder, plus the banner)

am having a skype meeting with him at 2pm today so should write more on that soon~
he also fixed the paypal thing on the website and added postage and packaging..
oh! and i worked out i can borrow my friends laminator on friday so the rush now is to print everything on thursday and over the weekend prepare it all to be sold! wish us luck will be a busy few days!

other things to think about;
sending an email round the college
putting up posters to advertise
whether we're selling on the same day as anyone else for networking

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