Monday, 2 May 2011


More progress!

Have bought a badge maker here;
and it should arrive tomorrow! We just need to finish making our badges and order some more.

We are making;
-5 badges each
-5 keyrings each
-5 bookmarks each
-50-250 business cards each (not sure yet)
and I've got my banner which should also arrive tomorrow.

I've already spent about 40-50 pounds on this project but I know in the long run it will be very useful.
So far I have;
done about half of the badges, half of one bookmark, half of a keyring, sent off for my banner and business cards and am looking into ordering key chains now.

We are making progress.. I hope to at least finish all the badges and half the bookmarks by Friday if not more! So much to do, it should be fun..
Also need to consider posters and sending round an email to the college before we have our stall!

Till next time...

p.s. am not going to post any of my designs here in case there are thieves about =p
here are some examples I am basing the designs and sizes on though;

So expect stuff like that but with my original characters XD

keyring ref;

bookmark ref;

badges ref;

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