Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Since the last post a lot of changes have happened.

I am now in a group with Clym since we decided with the others that our individual ideas were too different for us to be able to work together. But I am still planning to set up a stall inside Ravensbourne with Clym and sell buttons, keyrings, bookmarks and sketch commissions.

As for the progress..

I have made myself a business card and have sent off 100 of them in time for the stall in approx 2-3 weeks and also made a banner which I can hang behind us to promote my art and which I will also be able to use in future events. Just have to wait for the shipping to come through!
Here is what it will look like;

I'm having a meeting with Clym on Skype tomorrow morning to sort out the project plan, our job roles and the name but I think we're sorted and ready :D

Am going to go and buy a button maker at some point and also work out how I'm going to print and laminate the keyrings and bookmarks! Hopefully Ravensbourne has some good facilities that we can use :D

Our schedule!

And by the way... our group name is 'Two Artists In A Corner'. Expect more soon!

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