Thursday, 21 April 2011

Skype Meeting

Had a Skype meeting with my group at 9-11.30pm last night on the project.

and we all have a variety of ideas so we're going to go away for a few days, research our own ones then come together again on sunday night and decide on what to do. Emma is thinking about facepainting, Steve wants to hold an SU event and Clym is interested in creating an art book. We can sell more than one product or do more than one thing, and I want everyone to have fun so it would be great if we could each sell a service/product together.

I still want to sell bookmarks/keyrings and buttons if possible, as well as on the spot commissions, so did a bit of research into things people are most likely to buy from artist tables using my website on deviantart to see how popular that idea is;

The URL to this poll is HERE

I'll also ask some more people on facebook later and find out how to get this stuff made..

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