Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Laminating Research

We are most interested in pursuing a business venture that involves selling our art among other things, so I asked a friend of mine from outside college Kelly Kimber, who has sold her art at expos and other conventions for advice on how to go about laminating artwork and the best and cheapest way to do so!

Michelle wrote;
'hiya kelly!

hope you can help me, having a problem with a college project..

I need to start up a business with a group and we thought we would sell bookmarks/keyrings and buttons for it.. but were wondering, where can we get pictures laminated, where is the ideal place to print them and how much for? since you have a lot of experience do you think you could give us some tips? we're going to sell them at the entrance to our college in a couple of weeks...'

Kelly wrote;
'Hmmm well when i laminated pictures i used the laminator from my mums workplace and bought the laminator sheets from poundland..... if you like i can borrow it again (if im allowed and you can come down and use it... or i can come to you XD) Staples do fairly cheap printing depending on the paper thickness. but the one in croydon printed really dark.'

A good start then :D
We must also keep in mind that if we include cartoon characters they should be original as it is not legal to sell those containing a copyrighted characters likeness.

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