Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day One

Had our first E&E meeting today!

We started by learning about what is expected for the unit and some valuable tips.
We have roughly 5 weeks to form a group, plan and create a business then sell our product and record how we market it.
I decided to get into a group with like-minded classmates - Emma Wyton, Steve Pender and Clym Smith.

So far the ideas we have come up with are;
-Selling our art
(buttons, keyrings, prints, on the spot commissions, posters etc.)
-Selling 3D models of our characters using ones we've made in the 3D program 'Maya' and our college software which enables us to turn them into real models.
-Selling T-Shirts with cool designs on them.

We would like to do something we can all enjoy however so we are going to meet up on Skype later in the week to discuss further.

Other things we learned today to remember;
-You have to spend money to make money
-Capitalism has given us too much choice, aim for a niche market and be in it for the long haul rather than the quick fix (the tutors likened this to music and the success of X Factor albums compared to the longer success of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album)
-Who on Earth knows how to make a pencil? No one person creates a product, we must rely on others for help.
-'premium models' - selling the first product for free to gain more business and renown.

We will also need to start by asking some of our friends if they will buy our product once we make it and how we will go about making and marketing it.
Will write more soon!

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