Thursday, 21 April 2011

Researching My Idea

In October this year, myself and a friend of mine are planning on setting up an artist table at the London MCM Expo, and so we already started some research into this kind of business.

6 Must Dos To Sell Yourself At A Convention
and while Ravensbourne isn't a convention it gave me some things to think about;
-Business Cards

I have just emailed a friend about where the best place is to set up business cards and will probably try to design and buy my own this week but as for advertising and drawing attention to our stall..
keyrings would look like this;

flat images laminated :D

I'm thinking it would be good to place it on the 4th floor since this is where most students go for lunch or to have a break. If I can grab a few tables for myself and my friends we could set up there and then get a board put up behind up showing things like sample commissions, buttons etc. facepainting photos, maybe a bit like this;

Might be good to send an email round the college about it the day before and put some posters up round the ground floor to get attention.

I think I will try and design my business card this week and also think about pictures I've drawn that I can turn into things like bookmarks etc. and even if people at rave would be interested by asking around on facebook.

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